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    For what is the cialis generic A large minority of students in the federal school system are the sons and daughters of foreign nationals working in the UAE. A two-term academic year system is in place with each term considered a separate, independent unit. The length of the academic year at the different stages and the number of periods for each subject matter are specified in ministerial resolutions. In the senior stages it consists of 36 weeks and is divided into two terms. Thirty-four weekly periods (boys) or 36 periods (girls) are required in the first two years; 36 weekly periods (boys and girls) are required in the third year. The time allocations include the primary stage with 32 weekly periods (hours) in Grades I-III, and 34 periods (boys) or 36 periods (girls) in Grades IV-VI. The preparatory stage has 34 weekly periods for boys or 36 periods for girls in each form. Ministerial Resolution No. 2263/2 for the year 1995 allocated the number of teaching periods for the different subjects and activity subjects for the secondary stage of general education. At the end of the secondary stage, successful students obtain the Certificate of General Secondary Education (CGSE). Ministerial Resolution No. 2263/2 of 1995 specifies the number of teaching periods for the different subjects and activities for the primary and preparatory stages of general education. There are two general procedures for evaluation and examinations, one for the primary stage and one for both the preparatory and the secondary stages. Year III: there is an increase in the number of subjects taught in the second year of secondary in each of the two streams. The same subjects are taught at the preparatory stage with an increase in content and the number of class periods. Priorities of the Ministry at the secondary level are to reduce the failure and dropout rates and incidents of truancy and to increase the efficiency of administrators through executive development programs. The Ministry of Education and Youth determines the curricula and defines the number of periods for each subject, pursuant to ministerial resolutions, which take into account curriculum developments and evaluation studies. As shown by recent UAE Government statistics from the Ministry of Education and Youth (2001), current teacher-student ratios are well within this proposed range. General secondary education lasts for three years and is for the age group 15-17 years old. Preparatory education lasts three years (age group 12-14) and qualifies students for general or technical secondary education. At the end of the general and technical secondary stages, students are awarded a certificate after passing the general examination held at the end of each academic year. At the end of the academic year, successful students are awarded a certificate and are promoted to the next class. The diagnostic evaluations project for the basic curriculum requires teachers to prepare educational activities and to offer remedial activities to students with learning difficulties or higher cognitive activities to those with very high achievement. These are the basic subjects. Activity subjects include art, physical education, music, and family education for girls. Years II-III: Islamic education, Arabic language, English language, mathematics, physical education, and family education (for girls). Core subjects in the junior primary stage include Islamic education, Arabic language, English language, mathematics, and science. Year I: Islamic education, Arabic language, English language, history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, computer science, physical education, and family education (for girls). WorkLife4you is the State Department’s free 24/7 counseling, education and referral service that helps Department of State employees find the programs, providers, information, and resources they need to manage personal and professional responsibilities. Consider contacting your phone provider and asking them to block the number, and whether they charge for that service. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls. This page should never be more than 1 click away from the index page of your site, else webmasters wont be interested in participating in the reciprocal link exchange program. More information: The U.S. Government policy is to provide teacher-student ratios of 1:20 at kindergarten and primary levels. Interestingly, kindergarten is the only level where a majority of the teachers, all women, are UAE nationals rather than expatriates. Primary school education is compulsory for all UAE citizens starting at age six. 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